Outgoing (November 3)

This week I am sending warm (quite literally) greetings to.. Malaysia, Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Guernsey, and Brazil!!!

These two jeepney postcards were requested by my friend Anny (Malaysia). This is already my second batch of postcards to Anny.DSC_4441

These three lovely postcards are on their way to Germany in exchange for three equally lovely postcards from none other than my favorite country: Germany.

These below P5 postcards are traveling to: Netherlands (Zebra), Japan (self-print dog postcard), Hungary (Masskara Festival),  France (Terrace pf Lantaka Hotel), and Switzerland (Bohol). The Bohol postcard is my favorite from my dad’s collection but I had to let it go. I just hope its new parent will take good care of it.DSC_4449

I am also saying goodbye to my pricier Manila Churches (Guernsey) and Luneta Park (Belgium) postcards.DSC_4451

These envelopes are also on their way to Malaysia and Brazil.DSC_4452

I wasn’t expecting to send this many postcards because last week I already mailed about thirty postcards. I forgot to say, Postcrossing can be expensive if you’re obsessed with it. My plans of going on a hiatus never push through and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I am actually working on a “rare country/countries in grey” project right now. I’ll explain it on another post. Meanwhile, I have to prepare postcards to be mailed next week.



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