Incoming (November 9)

After three weeks of being empty, my mailbox finally had its dose of postcards. I received a total of forty postcards  – from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This is perhaps my biggest number of incoming postcards so far.


On another note, third-world postal service sucks. Some of these postcards had been at our local post office for two weeks before they were sent out. It irks me to think the post office waited for my postcards to pile up to forty before they decided it was time to deliver them to my house.

I was also a bit dismayed with our help because my instruction to her is clear: she has to inform me if the postman’s come for my postcards because I want to meet  him in person. But this didn’t happen. Still, it’s a good start of the week for me, just thinking about the number of postcards I received, and the fact that there are still postcards, parcels, and envelopes that I have YET to receive… ahh bliss!

So what’s in the pile? Let’s see..

DSC_4548a Halloween Card from Australia

DSC_4552Art Reproductions

DSC_4561Map Cards


DSC_4570City Cards

DSC_4573a 3D Beer Card and a Munich Oktoberfest Card for my Oktoberfest Collection

DSC_4576Castle Cards from Germany and the Netherlands

… and many more that I can’t put into a theme.

(I know I need to take better photos. But when you have this many postcards, a good photo is the least of your concern. All you want is to go through each postcard as fast as you can. Trust me on this.)

Of course these postcards didn’t just pop out of no where. I made swap deals and joined postcard lotteries in addition to signing up on Postcrossing. Truth is, the best way to get mail is to send mail.

Want good vibes in your mailbox? Simple: mail a letter or a postcard. But a postcard is a good start.



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