Viele liebe Gruße aus Bielefeld

If the idea of receiving a postcard does not entice you, think again. I’m still a newbie; I joined around June of this year. Roughly three months later, I received a parcel from one of my very first postcard recipients: Christina from Bielefeld, Germany.


Christina’s a fan of Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin, like me. So when I read this on her Postcrossing profile, I immediately made my first Tintin purchase since the opening of the first Tintin Shop in the Philippines. It’s inside Fully Booked High Street’s building so you can’t miss it.

DSC_4542 DSC_4544 DSC_4545

Postcards from the Tintin Shop PH

When I wrote “Write back” on the Tintin postcard I sent her, I was only expecting to receive a postcard from her. But what I received was a parcel containing…

DSC_4343Surprise!!! A TinTin stationery set plus a Tintin postcard

DSC_4358 Tintin crowns (not available in Tintin PH)

DSC_4350DSC_4353Bielefeld tourism brochures + postcard + sticker

What got me hooked to joining Postcrossing was the idea of preparing (choosing/making, writing, pasting postage stamps) postcards and receiving postcards in return. I wasn’t expecting to receive small gifts such as these. (There have been other instances but I’ll write about them on a separate blog post.)

Christina also inserted a heartwarming handwritten love letter . This was her way of inviting me to become her pen pal. SO sweet of her and I am flattered to have been chosen by her as a pen pal.

DSC_4362“With love from Bielefeld” ❤


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