“Missing Countries” and Other Direct Swaps

If you’re part of the Postcrossing community, you must be familiar with the term “missing countries”. So how is this term used in Postcrossing lingo? Are we talking of small countries that disappear during the high tide? Nope, definitely not, if there is such.

Let me try to put it into words for you. Here’s how I define it:

Missing Countrynoun. a country from which you have not received any                                                    postcard

Sometimes, Postcrossers create a “received countries” map to keep track of both their received and missing countries. Here’s an example from Maria of USA.


SO before I take a Postcrossing hiatus, I am sending my love from across the seas  to my “missing countries” and to my Postcrossing friends…




Somebody had a great time designing. Props to my sister, Charity, for the drawings. The art compensates for my penmanship, no?


The countries that will soon be  off my “missing countries” list are Japan, Serbia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Guernsey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Norway, MaltaLatvia, and Macau.

Israel, Spain, Greece, and Iceland, you’re next!


4 thoughts on ““Missing Countries” and Other Direct Swaps

  1. Your cards are so beautiful! I love the artwork and creativity you’ve filled in your cards. 🙂 Can I ask you how to make a double coloured map like that one? I use the website TravelTip but it only allows me to select “countries visited” which marks them red, so my maps are only red & grey. Nice blog, by the way 🙂 I love Postcrossing so I’ll keep dropping by here. Are you taking a break from postcards?


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