Incoming (November 24)

Monday – I received the best batch of incoming mails in my entire hermit life. I can say all the postcards in this batch are  ‘Like’- and ‘Favorite’-worthy. *blush*

Seven envelopes from my “missing countries” (see previous post)….


And every one is addressed to me
Every one is, every one is, every one is addressed to me

.. plus a Marilyn Monroe meetup card!


DSC_4645I’ve always wanted to receive a Marilyn Monroe postcard. I’m glad Olga from Belarus took the time to browse my profile and check my favorites. And since it’s a meetup card, everyone who attended the meetup signed/wrote on the card. This postcard occupies a special place in my heart ❤

From the cute two-year-old Audrey Yung of Macau who was featured on the Postcrossing blog. Audrey’s family gave me two written cards and two additonal blank postcards. The two blank postcards are not available for swap, sorry. 😛


From Faisal of Bangladesh:


From my friend Monique (Luxembouug). Ha! Another castle card for my collection.


From my friend, Ieva (Lithuania), who’s so sweet she included a teabag of her favorite black tea.


From my friend Tadeja of Slovenia.Super love these two postcards. A castle card and a view card in the shape and look of a postal stamp? Amazeballs, right?


From my new friend, Denise, of Guernsey. Denise gave me a postcard showing the only castle in Guernsey. The surfer postcard also made my ovaries explode. No, this is just a clean exaggeration. 😉DSC_4626

Last but definitely not the least, from my Hungarian friend Judit, who sent me not one, not two, not three, but six postcards – all written! Seriously, how can I not fall in love with these lovely view cards?!? And I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. Ever since I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, I’ve been fangirling on her.


I hope everybody’s mail is happy this week. (Don’t we all wish mail came daily? But that’d be too much work for our mailmen.).  In the mean time, I have postcards to prepare and send. Next on Postcard Propaganda: Outgoing mail!



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