Outgoing (November 26)

Yes, I’m supposed to take an indefinite leave from Postcrossing (like I always say), but six out of my seven traveling postcards got registered in just a week’s time. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to increase my traveling postcards limit (See why) so TA-DA! DSC_4687DSC_4681

I bought a new set of puff stickers at National Bookstore for less than 30 PESOS. Not bad, no?DSC_4683

Two of my postcards recipients are anime/manga lovers. Which is totally cool because I used to watch animes as a kid. I also happen to have Naruto and Cardcaptor Sakura stickers at home.


This week’s postcards are flying to Japan, Russia, the USAHungary, Finland, Germany, and Guernsey. I also initiated a direct swap with someone from the Dominican Republic and with a monument card collector from Spain.

Now, excuse me, I’ve got to go to the post office. Wish me a safe trip. I suck at crossing the street!


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