Good December morning, my dear blog readers! I’m pleased to announce the winner of my first postcard lottery. But before that.. may I just say I enjoyed reading everyone’s entry? If I could send a postcard to everyone who joined, I would. But I’d run out of Christmas stamps.

Through this lottery, I’ve also I developed a more profound appreciation for When I was still in college, taking up Communication Research, we used in class in selecting our samples for our surveys. Who knew I’d still be able to use it outside of college and research?

Without further ado.. the winner of this lottery is no other than…


As you can see, the winner was chosen via I didn’t realize my settings moderated comments so the comments were not displayed without my approval. I was only able to fix this after I received three comments – each labeled # 1. My bad. So I simply adjusted the numbering according to whose comment came first, and this makes Demi the lucky recipient of my first postcard lottery.


Congratulations, Demi! I can’t wait to write to you about the different festivals in my country (We have too many. It’s impossible to talk about them all on a postcard. But I’ll see what I can do) and how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. 😀

‘Til the next lottery. 🙂


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