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It’s no secret that I looooove Postcrossing for many reasons – as you can tell by the number of posts I’ve written about it and DUH! wasn’t this blog created for the main purpose of promoting the site? (For the record, I am not paid by Postcrossing to do this). Have I told you that Postcrossing isn’t just about sending and receiving postcards? For some magical reason, fate connects me to  the most thoughtful and generous members of the not-so-intimate Postcrossing community. So to all the people who threw in mini surprises for me, THANK YOU! *virtual hugs*

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve received so far, sans the postcards.

1) teabags from Indonesia

DSC_4533I’ve received teabags from elsewhere, but these ones have the cutest packaging. Plus, it’s no secret that I love green tea. Take me to Starbucks or Coffee Bean and I would order a matcha latte. I’m  thinking of sending out tea bags this Christmas but I don’t know which ones are good and which ones are bleh. – though I’m pretty sure they’ll just be shelved (in a good, souvenir-ish way) because this is what I do with the teabags I receive.

2) a bookmark from Slovakia

DSC_4671This one has a cute note at the back which says: Until the person does not give up, he/she is more than destiny itself (Remarque). I have no idea who Remarque is, but I appreciate how the sender thought his quote was the right thing to write to me.

3) an advent calendar from Germany


My first advent calendar came from Bielefeld, Germany, from my friend Tina. She mailed me this just after she sent me a box full of surprises. We were exchanging e-mails when she asked me if I knew what a Christmas calendar was. I wasn’t sure if I did, so I simply said no. I’m glad I said no because I was thinking of Christmas-themed calendars like the ones I see on local bookstores.

My advent calendar makes my Christmas countdown more exciting. Beginning December 1, you peel off a slot(?) on the calendar. The slots are labeled with numbers so you just have to make sure you know the date and that you begin on December 1.  It’s December 5 and therefore I’ve already peeled off five slots. This photo was taken two days ago so this explains why slots 4 – 5 are still closed.

4) Dutch sweets plus one-year supply of postcards from the Netherlands
DSC_4691DSC_4698Licorice, Christmas letter (milk chocolate in the shape of letter H, my initial), customized postcards from MY FIRST POSTCARD RECIPIENT and now friend, Christian.

5) Washi tapes from Taiwan

DSC_4714From my friend Carol whose washi tape collection is bigger than her postcard collection. This is not an exaggeration; she showed me photos of her washi tapes. She also designs her pencils,  journals and journal entries with washi tapes. Unbelievable.

I’d like to add that, one of the things I love about Postcrossing is, I don’t have to beg or wait for December to receive a present. There’s no season of giving; you receive surprises all-year-round. 🙂


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