Ten Quirky Advent Calendar Ideas to Count Down the Days Before Christmas

After I blogged about my first advent calendar, I figured I’d show you some advent calendar ideas for your next Christmas countdown.

1) Customized Christmas Tree10265550_804623056263984_2726186414814755266_o

This customized advent calendar containing meticulously prepared gift packs was given to my friend Daniel. This advent calendar is perfect for lightweight gifts.

2. A Limited Edition Silhouette Advent Calendar designed by WhipperBerry


This is a good advent calendar to store surprises if you’re the generous type, but requires a lot of measuring.

3) DIY Envelope Advent Calendar from A Few Things From My Life


What’s cool about this calendar is your surprises can range from letters, postcards, photographs to chocolate bars. Plus, it doesn’t demand a huge amount of effort and resources.

4) Yogurt Cup Punch Advent Calendar

Instead of taking your used yogurt cups straight to the bin, why not make an advent calendar out of them? For the design, you can use washi tapes and wrapping papers.

5) Pop-up Advent Calendary by Eric Carle


This one’s a bit tricky to create. This requires time for conceptualization and execution but it surely is worth it.

6) Bucket and Branch Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn


This not only makes a good calendar but is also an attractive interior or exterior decoration for that rustic feel.

7) Stocking Ladder Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn


Christmas stocking advent calendar? Couldn’t be more Christmas-y.

8) Advent Garland by Frankie Brown


Again, couldn’t be more Christmas-y.

9) Personalised Photo Christmas Advent Calendar by Instajunction


This is one great advent calendar for the shutterbugs. Use those good photos from last Christmas and turn them into a advent calendar slash Christmas decor.

10) Whiskey Advent Calendar 

10423823_813387318727754_5810582605062833968_nFound this on Facebook. The perfect advent calendar for the alcoholic. Imagine waking up to a bottle of whiskey each day before Christmas. Need I say more? 😉


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