Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Finally, after taking a long pause from mailing, I am back with a truckload of mail (mere exaggeration on my part, but you wouldn’t be able to guess how much it cost me to send all my outgoing mail). With all the festivities and *ahem* cash, Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year. (I won’t go into Baby Jesus’ story as I don’t want to shove my Christian faith into your throats.) I guess the undisputed fact about Christmas is that it is the season of giving. If you have been following this blog for quite some time, or have backread through my blog, it’s impossible to miss my posts on the surprises I’ve received from generous strangers. I will be very honest to admit that for a long time, I’ve  enjoyed being on the receiving end. In my defense, I’m a third-world citizen with no income to sustain the seemingly unending exchange of envelopes and parcels. (In Postcrossing, a simple act of sending a postcard to a stranger can evolve into a swap of banknotes, fridge magnets, and every possible souvenir you can think of.)

So where did all my Christmas money go?



I did a little bit of shopping for my friends in China, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Guernsey. Each handmade envelope contains small presents ranging from letters and postcards to local chocolates. 😉 The envelopes were made by my younger sister, Charity, who serves as my right hand in all things art.

IMG_0735-2Burberry envelope (my personal favorite!)

Although envelopes are very cheap, I prefer using magazines because I find it easier to remove postal stamps from magazines than from ordinary paper.


I pasted different Philatelic stamps on each envelope to complete the artistic packaging I was aiming for and to please the stamp collectors among my correspondents. 🙂

Next on Postcard Propaganda: a bit of a throwback, more outgoing mail, and more about stamps.



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