Here is an illustrated map card of South Africa. I have never been to South Africa but I have serious plans of going there in the future while I still have the strength to go on wild adventures like safari trips. I hate zoos because I firmly believe animals deserve to be in their natural habitat and not in cages. To me, zoo owners mask their greed for money by pretending to be concerned with the welfare of animals. They trick kids, parents, and school principals into believing their business exists to advocate for caring for animals and the environment. Oh, puh-lease!  I can educate myself better about animals by switching the TV to the National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet. I refuse to watch monkeys do rehearsed acrobatic tricks or volunteer at a dolphin-sea lion show only to have my ass slapped by a sea lion. No, that’s not learning for me. (Sorry for the long rant.)

Serious talk. If I want to see tigers, lions, and monkeys, I’d save up for a trip to Kruger National Park or to one of the African continent’s game reserves. Some of the places I want to see in South Africa are Capetown, Johannesburg, and of course the famous Kruger Park. I would love to stay in one of the safari lodges at Kruger Park and dine at a tree house with an unblocked view of the night sky. Funny how I switch from being a pessimist to a cheesy hopeless romantic. 😉


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