(Traveled from January 17 to February 13)


My castle collection is fast growing. Thanks to one of my favorite persons on Postcrossing: Dani from Altdorf, Germany! This is my second time to swap postcards with her. Just like our first swap, her second postcard to me did not disappoint. The card, as you can see has a minimalist decoration and a very informative write-up at the back. Please do not mind the date on the stamp. We agreed to swap written and in an envelope as opposed to the  written and stamped tradition and it was my suggestion that she could paste a used stamp on the postcard because I still wanted it to look like it was sent as a postcard per se without risking having the postcard stamped at the front by our very customer-centric and local post office. *sarcasm*

Just to add to what Dani wrote on the postcard.. the Friedenstein Castle was built by Duke Ernest I the Pious of Gotha dating from the 17th century. One of the main features of the castle is the Ekhof Theatre, which is the oldest castle theater in the world.

Geesh, this castle card gives me more reason to want to go to Germany!


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