(Traveled from January 4 to February 17)

A simple potato pancake may consist of potato, flour, egg, and chopped onions. Mix all the ingredients together – and you’ve got yourself a sumptuous appetizer! You know what the best part is? You can prepare this in approximately 10 minutes! Okay, I don’t cook. But when I was 14, I learned how to make croquettes by observing my aunt who introduced this food to our family. (Potato Pancakes and Croquettes are one and the same, right?). I was too shy to ask her about the ingredients. But when I got home, I looked for the recipe on the Internet. I didn’t put onions though, ’cause I hate them. Instead,  I put a good amount of pepper, cheese, and bacon, sometimes ham, to add flavors. You can top it with sour and cream or catsup to make it even tastier. It tastes like hashbrown actually – but better!

I received this postcard from an anonymous sender from Belarus. 😦 I hope to still discover the sender so I can thank her/him for this gastronomic postcard.


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