Gasing, or top spinning, is a popular traditional game in Indonesia. It is also a traditional game in the Philippines. In the Philippines, we call this ‘trumpo’, and is usually made by local craftsmen. The common gasing or trumpo is made of wood, seashells, hard fruit,  and iron, and is spung with a string or a thin rope. To be able to play gasing/trumpo, one must know how to make a good throw.

The ‘trumpo’ has declined in popularity in the Philippines. The emergence of the Beyblade and with the shift to digital citizenship(? )may have contributed to its decline. When the Beyblade came to rise, almost every kid in the Philippines owned a Beyblade.  I had a wooden ‘trumpo’ and two Beyblades (one large and one small) back in primary school too. Now, even the Beyblade fever has been completely wiped out, but it seems that the iPads and gizmos are here to stay.


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