Studio Ghibli in Postcards

As already previously (and shamefully) admitted, I am probably the most inconsistent blogger-being ever created.  There isn’t an excuse in the book valid enough to explain why I’ve been such a terrible blogger. At times, I just feel uninspired (for the lack of a better word) to blog. You guys sure you don’t want me to just exit?Life just gets in the way sometimes.

During those weeks that I wasn’t blogging, I’d been constantly receiving postcards, such as these Studio Ghibli postcards:


Princess Mononoke


Spirited Away


Kiki’s Delivery Service

Obviously, since I’d been away for too long, I’d received more than these. But my spirits are not in the mood to write thoroughly about postcards. Sorry to disappoint. I am hoping for a better comeback. In the mean time,  I wish everyone a Happy Postcrossing!


One thought on “Studio Ghibli in Postcards

  1. I think everyone goes through dry spells of blogging. 😉 I’m still reading though! By the way, would you ever consider writing about daily life in the Philippines? I’m sure a lot of readers might find that to be interesting. 😉


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