The Blogger

Postcard Propaganda is the brainchild of Hope P., a 21-year-old postcard collector and world-traveler in the making from Manila. She is a brand-conscious third-world citizen, a Bible believer, an unapologetic geek for everything literature. She grew up watching animes, reading fairy tales,  and making paper dolls. Once in a while she tries to make art. The Holocaust is her favorite history topic. She is fascinated with Germany  – not just Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg – but Germany in its entirety. Her life goal is, to make the world her classroom.


A frustrated belletrist, currently “funemployed”, and doing everything she can to avoid shopping, she keeps her sanity by meeting people online and communicating with them mainly via air mail.  June 2014 – she joined Postcrossing and instantly fell in love with it.

Way to her heart? Send her a nice postcard!


5 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. Hello there!
    Thank you very much for dropping by my blog! I like yours as well!! I see you like Germany ;D Lets swap a card someday 😉 I am from München 😀


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