Perched perfectly on the edge of the Aurora Cliff, overlooking the Black Sea, the Swallow’s Nest has appeared several times in Soviet films.Visitors can only go near the castle’s vicinity; visitors have been denied entry to the castle for more than four decades now after an earthquake left a crack on the Aurora Cliff.

Although this postcard came from Russia, Crimea is currently a disputed territory between Russia and Ukraine – which reminds me of an ongoing maritime dispute between China and the Philippines.





(Traveled from December 18 to January 16)

These are some facts about the  Matryoshka or Russian doll:

  • The first Matryoshka doll, considered to be the most popular of all Russian souvenirs, was made in 1890 and was named after the most common Russian female name on that period.
  • The Matryoshka doll is actually a wooden doll set. It is sometimes referred to as “nesting doll” for having four or more dolls stacked inside the main or outermost doll. Other names include “babushka doll” and “stacking doll”.
  • Some custom matryoshka doll sets can contain more than thirty dolls.
  • The innermost doll is usually a baby.