Perched perfectly on the edge of the Aurora Cliff, overlooking the Black Sea, the Swallow’s Nest has appeared several times in Soviet films.Visitors can only go near the castle’s vicinity; visitors have been denied entry to the castle for more than four decades now after an earthquake left a crack on the Aurora Cliff.

Although this postcard came from Russia, Crimea is currently a disputed territory between Russia and Ukraine – which reminds me of an ongoing maritime dispute between China and the Philippines.



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Illustrated card from Ukraine

(Traveled from  November 21 to January 8)

This postcard is such an eye candy. Each time I send out a postcard, I make it to a point to design the back and write as beautifully as I can. It makes me happy when somebody does the same. Props to Olya from Ukraine for this lovely card. This postcard’s worth the long travel time. The surreal illustration, and the Beetle car and tiger stamp. Everything about this postcard is perfect!  ❤